Design Education | Seminars

Design Education Seminar Promotions were geared to working professionals, teachers, and educators looking to enhance skills and become acquainted with the latest technologies. They were advertised by course catalogues, posters, announcements and mailers promoting seminars and classes at SVA, NYU, and NYU in conjunction with AIGA.

Course Announcement

School of Visual Arts | Typography in Visual Communications, 1959. Taught by Arnold Shaw.

SVA Course Announcement, Fall 1959 / Hanging Mobile
SVA Course Announcement, Fall 1959 / Hanging Mobile
Course Catalogues

NYU Center for Publishing and the Graphic Industries. Fall & Spring 1960-61 | Fall & Spring 1961-62 | Fall & Spring 1964-65. New Concepts in Design was taught by Arnold Shaw, starting in the fall of 1965. Designed with Steven Richter.

NYU Course Catalogues 1963/1964
NYU Course Catalogues 1963 / 1964
NYU Course Catalogues 1960/1961
NYU Course Catalogues 1960 / 1961
NYU Course Mailers 1964/1965
NYU Course Mailers 1964 / 1965
Poster | Mailer

Announcement for a series of Design Clinics sponsored by the American Institute of Graphic Arts, (AIGA) and the Division of General Education of New York University and its Center for Graphic Industries and Publishing.

The series — “Graphics at the New Frontier”, “Design & Responsibility”, “On Color Photography”, and “The Organizational Image as Graphic Invention” were geared to working professionals. Speakers included design notables such as Henry Wolf, Milton Glaser, Ernst Hass, Ralph Eckerstrom, Herb Lubalin and Lou Dorsfman. The varied content from exhibits of fine art to films, panel discussions and presentations was designed to broaden the designers visual horizons. Classes were held at the Composing Room. Arnold Shaw moderated the panel discussions.

NYU & AIGA / Clinics Mailer / Poster / 196?
NYU Clinics Mailer / Poster / 196?
Course Announcement

School of Visual Arts | Practical Printing Production, 1965. Instructor: William Glicksman

SVA Mailer Printing Production / 1965
SVA Mailer / Printing Production / 1965

"A designer ... must be aware that his education does not end with the termination of formal training" but rather, it is a constant process where the designer "must continually seek to grow in awareness and challenge his powers of perception and ingenuity."