The Fish Brochure — One-Man’s-Fish

Fish Brochure One Man's Fish is Another Man's Poisson This Fish Brochure One-Man's-Fish, was a direct mail piece created to promote Time Magazine to advertisers worldwide. Turning the colorful gills reveal the content on the interior pages and simulates a fish breathing. CA | The Journal of Commerical Art | Vol 1 No 1 highlights [...]

Hand Made and Drawn Self Promotion

Self Promotion Self-promotion | late 1940s Self-promotion | late 1940s Direct Mail Postcards This series of hand-made and drawn self-promotion mailings were created to generate work for the studio at 19 East 48th Street, New York City. Letterheads | Holiday Cards Created during the 20 year span of the Studio, beginning in the late 1940s [...]

MId-Century Pharmaceutical Advertising

Pharmaceutical Advertising E.R. Squibb, Liafon / 1950s Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, Hydergine | 1950s Brochures | Blotters | Advertisements Much of Mid-Century Pharmaceutical Advertising was dominated by ads, brochures, direct mail promotions and giveaway items such as blotters. Much of the marketing materials were aimed at doctors. Mid-Century Pharmaceutical Advertising was dominated by ads, brochures, direct mail [...]

Promotional Mailings and Advertising

Promotional Mailings | Advertising Hu-Art Lampshades Hu-Art Lampshades Hu-Art Studios Postcards Promotional Mailings and Advertising for clients and self-promotions took the form of direct mail postcards and small space ads. These direct mail postcards advertised Hu-Art Studios which specialized in custom made lampshades. Created before the US Post Office instituted mailing size regulations or had [...]

Concepts and Comprehensives for Presentation

Concepts |Comprehensives These Concepts and Comprehensives may never have been produced. Some were playful explorations. All were hand-lettered and hand-drawn to be presented for approval to various clients. Brochure Concepts Cover and interior spreads for the Kodak Signet 35 Camera. Including suggestions for a logo or trademark idea. Client: Kodak Advertising Promotions Above:  A tissue [...]