Young Designers Series – Gallery 303 new

Young Designers Series Young Designers Series #3 / 1964 Young Designers Series #3 / 1964 Cross Sections 3 The Young Designers Series was a succession of yearly shows at Gallery 303, a division of the Composing Room founded by Dr. Robert (Doc) Leslie. Announcements This series of announcements —1962-67— promoted the shows highlighting established, and up [...]

Mid-Century-Modernist-Logos, 1950s and 60s

Modernist Logos An example of mid-century-modernist-logos, the "as" mark was created for Arnold Shaw & Associates in 1961. It was included in Trademarks USA — a national retrospective of American Trademarks from 1945-1964. Trademarks USA was sponsored by the Society of Typographic Arts (SOTA). An exhibition was held in Chicago in 1964 and a portfolio [...]

Metal Type Specimen Book – The Composing Room

Type Specimens CR Metal Type Book / Cover CR Metal Type Book / Title Page Bodoni Bold w Italic / Bodoni Book w Italic Craw Clarendon Book / Craw Clarendon Alternate Gothic Franklin Gothic Condensed / Franklin Gothic Extra Condensed Copperplate Gothic / Coronet Light Ludlow Karnack Black / Karnack Light Caslon (no 471) / [...]

The Fish Brochure — One-Man’s-Fish

Fish Brochure One Man's Fish is Another Man's Poisson This Fish Brochure One-Man's-Fish, was a direct mail piece created to promote Time Magazine to advertisers worldwide. Turning the colorful gills reveal the content on the interior pages and simulates a fish breathing. CA | The Journal of Commerical Art | Vol 1 No 1 highlights [...]

Hand Made and Drawn Self Promotion

Self Promotion Self-promotion | late 1940s Self-promotion | late 1940s Direct Mail Postcards This series of hand-made and drawn self-promotion mailings were created to generate work for the studio at 19 East 48th Street, New York City. Letterheads | Holiday Cards Created during the 20 year span of the Studio, beginning in the late 1940s [...]

MId-Century Pharmaceutical Advertising

Pharmaceutical Advertising E.R. Squibb, Liafon / 1950s Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, Hydergine | 1950s Brochures | Blotters | Advertisements Much of Mid-Century Pharmaceutical Advertising was dominated by ads, brochures, direct mail promotions and giveaway items such as blotters. Much of the marketing materials were aimed at doctors. Mid-Century Pharmaceutical Advertising was dominated by ads, brochures, direct mail [...]

Promotional Mailings and Advertising

Promotional Mailings | Advertising Hu-Art Lampshades Hu-Art Lampshades Hu-Art Studios Postcards Promotional Mailings and Advertising for clients and self-promotions took the form of direct mail postcards and small space ads. These direct mail postcards advertised Hu-Art Studios which specialized in custom made lampshades. Created before the US Post Office instituted mailing size regulations or had [...]

Design Education Seminar Promotions

Design Education | Seminars Design Education Seminar Promotions were geared to working professionals, teachers, and educators looking to enhance skills and become acquainted with the latest technologies. They were advertised by course catalogues, posters, announcements and mailers promoting seminars and classes at SVA, NYU, and NYU in conjunction with AIGA. Course Announcement School of Visual [...]

Holiday Greetings and Announcements

Holiday Greets and Announcements Holiday Cards Holiday greetings and announcements. Printed mailings were sent to clients and friends of The Composing Room to promote good wishes and remind clients of the products and services available.. Holiday Greeting 1964 Happy Holidays 1965 Holiday Greeting 1966 Paris Show The Composing Room mailing announcement for a Gallery Show [...]

Concepts and Comprehensives for Presentation

Concepts |Comprehensives These Concepts and Comprehensives may never have been produced. Some were playful explorations. All were hand-lettered and hand-drawn to be presented for approval to various clients. Brochure Concepts Cover and interior spreads for the Kodak Signet 35 Camera. Including suggestions for a logo or trademark idea. Client: Kodak Advertising Promotions Above:  A tissue [...]